There are several possible evaluation models that you would favor buying mobile App Installs campaigns. Throughout this article, we are actually going to make a case for the general evaluation model: per install or jointly called CPI. Buy App Installscpi installs .

The pay per install ( Cpi install ) model can be a general evaluation model for mobile promotion and advertising campaigns. It is well known below the word per price compiled and hence the acronym CPI.Cost-per-install is one of the various metrics by which individuals live their advertising budget. Adman pays the ad network as a whole (CPM, or cost-per-mail, model only), rather than simply looking at the ad network. Difficulty: Advertising networks need to address the right audience and place advertising in environments where conversion rates are high. Typically, CPI campaigns are related to the world of mobile promotions because they are specific to mobile applications. By extension, App developers or advertisers in particular will advertise in a variety of media to popularize the app. The goal is to win over the shopkeepers in the advertisement they are advertising. After the user installs the app, the advertiser is required to pay a collection rate in full.

How can I calculate prices for a campaign?

The simple formula to reinforce your salary per install is simple to use. You should simply divide your overall advertising payout by the amount of installs you do through that campaign.

Since the app’s AN Installation is extra valuable than a direct impression, so it results in higher prices. Generally $ 3 is related, although it depends on the platform (iOS / Android), the kind of app, and therefore the variety of ads (such as interstitials, banners, etc.).

Which CPI campaign varieties are available?

The install campaign will be completed through the bid type CPI and we usually differentiate between incentive and non-incentive campaigns.

Set up campaign
With the incentive version, users get a will for the transfer of the AN app and so Edman pays for the fully finished install. The Instant Install campaign is ideally accomplished through Offerwall. Offerwalls is a mobile ad format that displays completely different apps and mutually supplies users to download the app.

Non-Incentive  install campaign

Here, you produce a banner ad, for example, from the app’s creatives, and place different apps at intervals for users to visualize. At that time, the user will not get a will to put in the app – they try to make it out of curiosity. While this campaign type ends in fewer installs, they are of higher quality as the user interacts with additional throttles with the application. However, non-incentive campaigns are usually costlier than incentive campaigns, and you have to set an even bigger budget.

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Set up high Retention campaigns

When you download the app the user needs to keep their app for at least 3 days before getting a will. This improves your retention rate and consequently your Apple App Store or Google Play Store ranking.

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Managed install campaign

With managed campaigns you get high volume country targeted installs at intervals of 3 days. This service includes our media shopping for consultants who come to each side of your campaign and takes advantage of multiple traffic sources that match your individual needs. Furthermore, we are going to optimize your campaign forever to increase your advertising. If you are searching for a ripped campaign to get your app to the highest position on Google or Apple’s store chart, this is often the right campaign type for you.