There are many application providers in this industry that provide Android and iOS app install , but there is a big scam in this industry, so always be careful. Some agencies say that they give you 100% real human facilities and  quality app installs, but there are many providers that do not provide real human incentive Traffic. Bot installations can be very dangerous for your application, so now you wonder where you buy the installation. Which can provide true human incentive trafficking. I have 5 years of experience in application development and application marketing.In this article, I will show some essential tips when purchasing an app installs.

1. Don’t Buy Cheap  Bot Traffic :

Cheap is not always good and good is not always cheap. There are many Ad- Networks (iOS) that provide application Installs at $ 0.01 or $ 0.02 or $ 0.03, but They Provide All Installs From one or two devices with different – different accounts  . However, these application facility vendors also claim that they provide 100% real user application installation. this is impossible. Let’s think about it this way: Are you ready to download an application, play it for a few minutes to get only $ 0.05? They have to sell fake application installations. Avoid them at all costs.

fake traffic

2. Do not pay too much Cost :

I once asked some Ad networks and they say that their app installs are real so it costs $1 or $1.5 each. I was like “Wow”. Google or Facebook ads more cheap with this rate.

3. Check Payment Method  :

Check They Using Paypal  For Payment .Why Im Saying For Paypal Only ? The reason why I advise you to use PayPal is that you can request the money back if the  provider scam you. PayPal does protect both sellers and buyers. Just give them proof and they will help you get the money back.

also checkout Paypal Buyer and seller Protection :

4. Use Tracking :

You Can Use tracking when you buying installs . There are many tracking providers like Appsflyer , kochava , tune , adjust etc.  Tracking link installs is safe for your apps because they are well known for conversion tacking as well as powerful fraud detection system. You may setup 3rd party tracking  SDK to assure that you are getting 100% unique and Real Human  installs.


5.  Customer Support :

The payment is processed automatically but you need someone to help you when you want to pause, start, target, split the campaigns.

customer support

6.Direct installs/keyword install :

it is an important feature too, so you should be able to make a choice, from where your installs will be provided. Users can install your app by your App Logo And keywords, find exactly your app and install it. By doing this, you will push your application  higher for this keyword.

Know about app campaigns :app-installs/

7.Scheduling of installs and ratio :

for sure, you need as a way to schedule your each day and weekly quantity of  App installs. It can be suspicious, if you will get all 10.000 installs in a single day, , however, if you spread them over week – it will look more organic. You can increase daily installs amount in future, when your app is getting enough and the difference is not too big