Android vs. iOS App Market

People largely decide between the 2 huge giants of the mobile world: humanoid and iOS.The same call goes for app developers as a result of they seldom transfer associate degree app to each operative systems. Here are some facts concerning the rivals.

Apps within the App Store

As associate degree iOS app developer, you must 1st analyze the will and behavior of your target cluster to grasp what your future users will expect from apps like yours. concerning variations between iOS and humanoid apps, it’s shown that:

There are less indexed iOS app downloads than for humanoid.
The aggregate app revenue is higher within the App Store than in the Google Play Store.
Prior to unleash, Apple’s review method conducts additional thorough app checks as compared to Google.
Android’s variety of downloads is pushed by many various markets and their demand. Apple users are willing to pay extra money within the App Store.Furthermore, Apple sets its specialise in high-quality apps for its users and monitors additional strictly with relation to iOS app necessities.

Distribution of OS Versions

Both Google and Apple perpetually publish updates of their operative systems to produce the simplest attainable service. what percentage users are very victimisation it?Many completely different devices use humanoid as their package, that means there’s a good vary of things that ought to be unbroken in mind to achieve as several potential app users as attainable. in addition, per the official website for humanoid Developers, most of those mobile devices have humanoid four.4 (21.9%), 5.1 (23.1%) or 6.0 (30.7%). Only 1.2% are used with its latest version candy.The Apple Developer website, in distinction, states that 79% of its users have iOS ten and 16% of their mobile devices are used with iOS nine.This results in the subsequent conclusion: iOS users have a high-quality commonplace and are technically up-to-date in most cases.These quality standards additionally have an effect on the construct of your App Store promotion.
Basic information on a way to Promote iOS AppsAs associate degree app developer, it’s going to appear troublesome to work out associate degree app store promotion construct by yourself. Don’t worry, there are some basic steps that everybody will notice to push their iOS app and provides it the simplest begin position attainable. the nice things is that they’ll all be performed by yourself, that means you’ll be able to save cash, too.

App Store Promotion ideas :

There is no special ability you would like for taking the fundamental steps in iOS app promotion. the subsequent ones solely need a bit time investment for rising the app’s look and discoverability.

App Store optimisation (ASO)Even before business enterprise your app, you’ll be able to already optimize its options and look within the App Store. If you improve these factors to push your iOS app, it’ll improve its rankings and consequently guarantees additional organic users.There are varied parts that play a vital role for your app’s ranking:

App Name

Here you wish to form a decent initial impression since this one in every of the 2 parts users take a glance at. Apple has set the limit to fifty characters therefore no keyword spamming, please!Your app name ought to gift its main plan, combined along with your name and a few inventive options. together with the most keyword(s), this can be the proper begin to promoting your iOS app.


100 characters are allowed for your app’s keywords, so that they ought to be opt for showing wisdom.Our tip: If you avoid areas (and use commas instead) you produce additional opportunities of keywords combination. you’ll rank for a lot additional keywords than if you separate them.There are several criteria that actual keywords app developers ought to use to form the most effective of their iOS app promotion.

  • Relevance
  • Competition / Rankings
  • Search quality / Volume

The right alternative of keywords will have a crucial impact on your app’s visibility. you’ll be able to realize numerous ASO tools for the App Store that may assist you produce an inventory with the most effective keywords to market your app in iOS.

App Icon & Screenshots

The app icon is that the visual eye catcher within the App Store. check that it’s coherent along with your whole app style and its plan likewise.When uploading screenshots of your app, attempt to show the most options of the app. Users will get a sense concerning however your app works and what visuals they’ll expect.Of course, they ought to be of high-quality, therefore don’t hesitate to rent a creative person for this task: it’ll undoubtedly be value it! nice style means that great results for your App Store promotion.

App Description

Here you’ll be able to gift all the nice options of your iOS app to win over new users to transfer it. you wish get to the center of your app within the initial three lines as a result of this can be what users can see first.Before uploading your app description, check that that there are not any grammatical errors or typos. a similar goes for translations: If you rent a translator, you’ll get the higher results and promote your iOS apps additional effectively.We have set our target just some parts during this article.
Creating Your Own ChannelsNow that your app is absolutely embedded within the App Store, it’s time to require following step to market your iOS app.There are many ways to use on-line and different media channels to market your iOS app. Nearly everyone has some quite profile within the world of social media. however not solely folks are registered on these channels:Companies use Facebook, Twitter & Co to gift their services and product to their audience, perpetually keeping them up-to-date.
You can produce your profiles and begin your iOS social media app promotion straightaway.Why not produce a landing page for your iOS app? On this web site, you’ll be able to gift all the knowledge concerning your app and conjointly give whole and company details. check that that the web site is additionally appropriate for mobile devices. Like this, you’ll be able to make certain to succeed in all potential users throughout your iOS app promotion.

Other Channels you’ll be able to benefit Of

To help your mobile app go even a lot of infective agent, you must not solely use your own channels however conjointly contact others to write down an editorial or a review concerning your app. This way, you’ll be able to expand the reach of your media coverage once promoting your iOS app.There are several websites that provide app reviews and promotions without charge. you’ll be able to let your app get listed and let the admins write a review, giving basic data concerning your app and its options, too. you’ll be able to conjointly get up-to-date with editors and raise them to publish a line concerning your iOS app. Since they receive several requests each day, you must be ready and gather all the required data during a announcement – if your app is nice enough, some editors may provides it a try; a pleasant further for your iOS app promotion.Nowadays, there are blogs or video channels about each topic that folks could be curious about – even techies notice websites with gossip and news about mobile devices, instrumentation and apps. Share your app with these styles of influencers and provides them a decent reason why they ought to promote your iOS app on their channel. If it suits their content, they’re going to a minimum of tend to require a glance at it.
Most of the said optimisation tricks can directly assist you improve your app ranking within the App Store. you may drive organic downloads, that is that the most cost-effective approach of generating installs.Other channels like social media or building a web site are a a lot of passive approach of driving installs. They won’t facilitate with up your ranking directly (at least not for the Apple App Store), however can build your complete within the long haul, resulting in viva-voce advertising and thus a lot of downloads.
Check the table below to visualize what works best for iOS and for robot ASO.


Revenue (only paid apps)
App Starts (usage)
Number & Value of Reviews
Keyword Relevance
Recently Updated
Social Proof

Paid iOS App PromotionIf you’re unsure concerning a way to established and begin your iOS app promotion construct, you’ll take consultants on board, too.

Ad Networks

Contact ad networks, UN agency supply numerous types of services to push iPhone apps. looking on your budget, they’re going to produce a customized app promotion strategy, as well as numerous mobile advertising formats.

Incent vs Non-Incent

You can select if you wish to use a technique of rewarding users or not.So-called incentivized offers offer users Associate in Nursing incentive for interacting with the app. The bigger the attraction, the additional users are willing to use the app. Such rewards will be things or alternative currencies for apps.Potential users can even be inspired to put in and use a mobile app that’s displayed on their mobile device – while not receiving a present for it. this is often referred to as non-incentivized offers, supported truth interest of potential users in your iOS app.Which type of give you ought to use for your iOS app promotion principally depends on your app promotion strategy and your selling budget. There are huge variations in valuation for each sorts.

Ad Formats

These are the foremost common ad formats employed in mobile advertising for iOS app promotion. you’ll divide them into two teams.The typical incent ad formats are:

Offerwall: many offers are shown. once finishing one, users can receive a present.
Rewarded Video: Like non-incent videos they’re going to play Associate in Nursingd show an end card at the tip. However, during this case, users receive Associate in Nursing incentive for observance the video. The install itself is often non-rewarded. Therefore, this ad format is largely a mix of incent and non-incent advertising.
And these are non-incent ad formats:

Banners: The cornerstone of mobile advertising. they’re obvious ads on the mobile show.
Natives: the fashionable banner, that is integrated seamlessly into the remainder of the mobile content.
Interstitials: A full-screen banner that has to be closed for continued your activities.
Videos: They play on the user’s show Associate in Nursingd show an finish card (interstitial with letter of invitation to transfer the app).
Pricing Models
Depending on your iOS app promotion goals, it will be to decide on completely different valuation models. to assist you get an summary, we tend to created a table below to match valuation models to the foremost common ad formats for incent and non-incent advertising.You want to be told additional concerning the foremost common valuation models?

CPA / CPEOfferwall
CPM / CPVRewarded VideoBanner

Promote Your iOS App Via Apple
Apple itself conjointly offers some services to iOS app developers for enhancing app discoverability.

Search Ads
With Search Ads, iOS app developers are ready to place their app on high of search results. Since over 1/2 the app downloads are generated through search resluts within the App Store, this is often a good chance to market your iOS app a lot of effectively.With its self-service dashboard, making a groundwork cause is extremely simple. there’s no minimum pay for it and prices are solely incurred if users faucet the ad. Apple has set a bidding system for this feature, that makes it potential to line a value in step with your current budget.Earlier during this article, we tend to talked regarding ASO and the way necessary it’s to supply the most effective potential info and graphics. you’ll be able to make the most of this data through “Search Match”. This feature takes data regarding the app from the App Store for your iOS app promotion.You can conjointly either use keyword recommendations created by Apple or choose keywords on your own, a bit like with Google AdWords. However, it’s impracticable to alter the ad artistic, this information can solely be taken from your data.Furthermore, connection is a lot of necessary than bidding relating to apps being displayed via Search Ads. Here, Apple once more shows that it prefers high-quality to validation. So, after you already did a good job on your ASO, you’ll be able to draw on that.

Check out Apple’s web site for a lot of elaborated info.

Apple’s Editorial selection
This is no direct promotion tool for app developers however it should attract them to make the most effective app potential. Apple’s editors frequently opt for nice iOS apps that are displayed in these special sections of the App Store – therefore Apple can promote your iOS app.Next to its look, options and quality, your app may also get the prospect to be placed by lowering its value for a restricted time. So, you may think about giving a reduction from time to time.Last however Not Least: MonitoringThis side affects every bit of your iOS app promotion, notwithstanding if you started it on your own or with a commercial agency. you ought to forever keep an eye fixed on your information, statistics and results for your iOS app to form positive you invest within the right place at the proper time.Basically, this implies that you simply have to be compelled to amendment info and components to examine that approach works best for your app. particularly in ASO, keywords will be switched to live which of them are returning the most effective results.